The Pavillion

Sleeps 8 – Private Pool. Previously owned by Famous England Cricketer. Situated in West Moorland

Palm Sugar – Sugar Hill

Sleeps 8 – Private Villa.

Situated on the exclusive site of Sugar Hill.

Details about the Island of BARBADOS

When you think of Barbados, you may have visions of Simon Cowell riding a jet-ski, and Rihanna dancing at the Crop Over Festival, but there’s more to this small island than beautiful beaches, rum-swilling parties and celebrity sightings.

Destination Barbados, an island in the Lesser Antilles in the eastern Caribbean, northeast of Venezuela, to the east of Saint Lucia and Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. Today it is an independent British Commonwealth nation.

Famed for its fine pearlescent white beaches and warm azure waters, Barbados is the Caribbean island that has it all. Past the laidback lifestyle and the island’s dreamlike-haze, you’ll uncover a lively nightlife, the heartiest comfort food and a to-die-for shopping scene.

For an island of its size, Barbados is bursting with activity and a dizzying array of opportunities for relaxation, exploration and authentic Caribbean experiences. Not only does it attract visitors in search of some of the Caribbean’s best beaches, restaurants, nightlife and world-class resorts, it also has more than enough to keep history buffs, culture vultures and nature lovers happy.

With over 3000 hours of sunshine a year and direct flights from London – in just 8½ hours you’ll be feeling that welcome blast of warmth on your skin as you step off the plane – Barbados is a popular year-round destination. The dry season runs from December to June and if you travel in April and May you can sneak in between peak season and low season so you’ll get more for your money, avoid the crowds and still get to enjoy glorious weather.

A week is ideal if you want to combine relaxation with a little exploration but you’ll need two weeks if you want to pack a lot in but still have time to enjoy the easy-going Bajan pace of life (and plenty of rum punch). If you want to explore other Caribbean destinations then you could twin Barbados with a contrasting island or combine it with New York for the ultimate city and beach holiday.

Tempting as it may be to lounge on the beach all day, there is so much to see and do that you’ll be itching to venture out and explore. And it’s really easy to get around; you can stroll to local shops and restaurants, hire a car – they also drive on the left here, or be chauffeured in an air-conditioned taxi. For a real taste of Bajan culture, travel like a local by hopping on one of the renowned reggae buses, which is an experience in itself. Be prepared for a bumpy ride as they travel at breakneck speeds while pumping out dancehall music, and all for just BDS$2, around 80p!

Whether you’re looking for jewellery, designer clothes, souvenirs, cigarettes or rum, you can snap up some great bargains – just don’t forget your passport! One thing you won’t find here is camouflage clothing as in Barbados it’s an offence for anyone except military personnel to wear any kind of camouflage clothing, even children!

Barbados is known as the Culinary Capital of the Caribbean and there is a real focus on fresh seafood but don’t be alarmed if you spot dolphin on the menu; you won’t be tucking into an adorable flippered friend but rather what the Bajans call (the slightly less endearing and unsmiling) mahi-mahi. Cou-cou and fried flying fish is the national dish and this tasty mix of polenta-like cornmeal, okra and fish is served with a spicy sauce. Barbados hosts its annual Food & Rum Festival – a four-day celebration of food and drink – in November. The island is famously the home of rum and at the Mount Gay distillery you can learn how to make rum cocktails and impress your friends with your mixology prowess when you return home.

Barbados is the kind of place you can return to again and again and always discover something new and surprising.