Villa Eora

Sleeps 20 – Private Swimming Pool.

Based 20Km from Zakynthos Town.

Eora Bungalows

2 Bugalows that sleep up to 6 people in each unit.

Based in the resort of Agios Sostis.


Zakynthos lies in the eastern part of the Ionian Sea, around 20 kilometres (12 miles) west of the Greek (Peloponnese) mainland. The island of Kefalonia lies 15 kilometres (9 miles) to the north. It is the southernmost of the main group of the Ionian islands (not counting distant Kythira).

The city of Zakynthos is the capital of the island and at the same time the island’s port.

Things to do in Zakynthos are many as the island is largely tourist developed. Diving is a popular activity in Zakynthos and actually many diving centres have opened in the tourist resorts of the island.

Zákynthos (Zante) is a verdant island endowed with fertile valleys and a temperate climate (area: 406 sq. km; coastline: 123 km). Its landscape diversity has resulted in different types of beaches: there are sandy beaches in secluded coves where the tranquil waters are deep blue on the island’s south eastern part; yet, if rugged cliffs and an interesting underwater world are to your liking, try the western part of the island.

Many beaches of Zakynthos island, including Laganas, Tsilivi, Kalamaki and others, are organized with water sports centres and fun games.

The countryside of the island offers chances for hiking. Although there are not many signposted hiking trails, there are old footpaths that lead to mountainous villages, monasteries and Medieval towers.

Zakynthos beaches are famous for their natural beauty and exotic emerald water. The most famous is the wonderful Navagio Beach (Shipwreck), which has soft white sand, turquoise waters, impressive cliffs around it and can be visited only by boat.

Other beautiful beaches in Zakynthos Greece are Gerakas, Agios Nikolaos, Kalamaki, Tsilivi, and Spanzia. Most Zakynthos beaches on the eastern side of the island are organized, while the beaches of Zante on the western side are secluded. You will find below a list of the best beaches in Zakynthos island.

Except for the beaches, there are also many places for sightseeing.

Visit Keri Caves – Mighty gates forged by the power of nature. The Keri Caves, you’ll get to see natural carvings on limestone walls. Water and wind have shaped the southernmost tip of Zakynthos into a maze of caverns and natural gates hanging above the sea. The tour boats even sail under these stone arches.

The water looks so inviting for a swim or snorkelling session because the visibility is stunning. A plunge into the dark caves is one of the best things to do in Zakynthos. An even more fabulous way to meander through the lagoons is by sea kayak, giving you more freedom.

The National Marine Park of Zakynthos is in the Bay of Laganas. It’s a gathering place for various animals, making it a haven for nature lovers. Loggerhead sea turtles lay their eggs here in summer, while seals show their cute faces regularly. You might even spot dolphins in the calm waters and several species of butterflies floating above the sand dunes.

The National Marine Park of Zakynthos lies 5 km northeast of Laganas Beach. The lengthy waterfront makes for a relaxing walk with views of the ocean.

Marathonisi is a getaway island that revolves around nature. Loggerhead sea turtles nestle on this tiny isle. There’s a high chance of spotting a few of them swimming in the sea. Even when they’re not around, you can still see their traces on the sand. The lush vegetation of Marathonisi and lack of inhabitants and shops gives the atoll a rustic vibe. This island lies approximately 2 km from the southern coast of Zakynthos

Zakynthos is blessed with some beautiful beaches and natural scenery. Vibrant flowers and gorgeous cliffs add to the charm of this Greek island in the Ionian Sea. From the high limestone rocks, you have splendid views of the turquoise water and a shimmering beach with an old shipwreck. 

Further inland, the countryside has picturesque villages, lush olive gardens, and centuries-old monasteries. The combination of coastal scenery, cosy shops, nightlife and the traditional countryside make Zakynthos a versatile destination